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Skincare Routine

Let’s talk skin!
Your face is the first thing everyone sees so who wants to walk around with a broken out face or dark circles under their eyes?! Not me that’s for sure. I feel so confident when I have glowing clear skin.
BUT….that wasn’t always the case and I owe that to the amazing Katt at Grafin Skin and Beauty. I met Katt almost a year ago after coming across her spa on Yelp and on a whim I made an appointment. This was the best thing to ever happen to me! Going into my first appointment my face was broken out so bad that I was embarrassed to take off my hat to show her. She made me feel so safe and took so much time with me. We went through EVERYTHING from my eating habits to every ingredient in my makeup. She has been on this journey with me and I rarely ever get a pimple anymore. So I guess we can say she’s just magic hahaha. My acne was being caused by something as simple as the products I was using. I had tried everything in the books from medication to the crazy tricks like rubbing alcohol…YIKES! By changing my products, watching the amount of dairy, chocolate, and fried foods I ate my face has taken a complete 180.

My facial routine is quite simple (which I love for just that reason)

  • In the morning I wash my face with the Vivier-Hexam wash and then I use the Vivant-Allantoin lotion. (I have the Vivant with SPF as well!-prevent those wrinkles) 
  • Before bed I remove all of my makeup, wash again with the Vivier-Hexam wash, and then moisturize with Vivier-Lexxel. 
  • About once a month I get a facial with Katt where she does her magic.
I now have no excuse because ONE I know it works and TWO it takes maybe 1-2 minutes out of my day. I still stuffer from what I now know is Excoria, which is where I pick the smallest of bumps on my skin. But since there aren’t any to pick I have basically been cured.  She has done wonders to my face this past year. Best money ever spent!! Head over check out her blog, buy some products, or even make an appointment.

Buy any of these products:

Make an appointment below:

Read Katt’s Blog to learn more:


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