I quit my job…

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.12.58 PMHey guys…so some huge news clearly from the title you can see I quit my job! This was the scariest ,yet most invigorating, decision I have ever made and possibly the most dumb! You see I don’t have another job lined up…but I decided it was a leap I had to make. Let me explain before you start to judge!!!

When I first started my job it was full of new concepts, people, and challenges. After two and a half years at ATI physical therapy I have gone as high as I can with my current education level. More importantly I have begun to despise a job I used to love. Physical therapy is my dream job and it stunk being so close yet so far away. I felt like I was only staying because I was being imprisoned by my student loans and maybe a few guilty shopping trips…hey a girls gotta shop right?! haha  Being stuck at a job comparing myself to all my friends who love their jobs made me feel like a failure.  I was beating myself up everyday, acting cranky for no reason, and just felt like I was losing my happy self. I was lost.

It was even more tough because I had such a good relationship with my boss!! She has always fought for me and encouraged me to continue my education so telling her I was quitting was extremely scary. Is it just me or does anyone else completely freeze up talking to their bosses!? I instantly want to cry anytime I talk to my bosses about anything serious.  But can I say that conversation made me so proud of myself! I held my own, remained professional, and ultimately maintained my relationship with my boss/ATI. ATI has been so good to me and I hope one day I can head back as a physical therapist, but right now I need a game plan and to apply to a ton of jobs!! Yikes!!

Job applications.. so I haven’t applied for a job in the longest time. I was so comfortable at my job that I hadn’t even updated my resume. With one more week left at ATI I feel a weight lifted off my shoulder. My resume is updated, I have applied to numerous jobs, and again I feel alive. I’m free and I can do anything! I might struggle financially and feel like a loser without a job. My family is the most amazing support system I can ask for and I feel a little safer in my decision knowing they have my back. So wish me luck guys! I’m on a wild goose hunt, so feel free to reach out if you’re on the same path as me. You aren’t alone!

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